Monday, June 22, 2009

Christianity is not just a religion

paiseh~ sorry everyone.. long time no update.....
i guess this post is devoted to Christianity....

i was a christian from birth, but i never knew the true meaning of Christian. I never had much problem with school or family back in pre school, but now, everything changes, it is just not the same anymore. Now i know what a Christian truly is, and what price i have to pay to become a good christian.

Its not just saying the sinners prayer. I have to be faithful to God and spend my time with Him because He is my God, not just anybody else. He is the God of this world, this universe and He lived even before 2009 years before. And i really want to learn to love this great God. I learn to witness to others and share about christianity, to be frank, it is really hard. But well, my God is almighty, He can do impossible things, He can raise the dead and heal the sick, so of course He can help me with anything i struggle about. Even a teeny weeny thingy.

Knowing God is the best thing that happen to me in my life. Ever.
I want Him to be my bestest friend for now and forevermore. and i meant it.

I really pray that i have and will always have great faith in Him, that i will never fall away from christianity.

take care..
God bless!!

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