Monday, December 29, 2008

being a NOBODY can be pretty Tireing

my friend is vry popular. and i am not. i am a friend to a very popular girl. c that? ppl chat wif u jz 2 get her information. great right? imagine its all about her her her...hello? its faye u are chatting wif not her~! u think u are chatting wif a person who cares about u just the same as he cares about ur fren. and it wasn't true. he is treating her way better than he is treating you. wake up! lol...haizz..

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sze=!*@udrey~~!^^ said...

u also very popular ah bui 2...he 1 2 noe abt u...smtime he also gt ask me abt ur thing wor...reli dun lie dun think tat u nt popular...i think lah..popular is nt a gud thing...will very fan...=p